Saturday, July 21, 2018

Drive and The Neon Demon‘s Nicolas Winding Refn is moving into the streaming platform business.

With a difference, however, as will be an entirely free showcase of films from around the world, personally picked from the director’s private collection and restored to their full glory. 

Proclaiming itself as a “cultural expressway for the arts”, the site will include a fully restored feature-length film streaming online each month, alongside essays, music, video, and photography and other “cultural ephemera”. 

Furthermore, each quarter will be guest curated by a fellow cultural luminary. Volume 1, entitled ‘Regional Renegades: exploitations gems from the Southern US’, was overseen by author and journalist Jimmy McDonough.

Titles will include the extremely rare 1965 cult film The Nest of the Cuckoo Birds, Joseph P. Mawra’s Shanty Tramp, and Dale Barry’s Hot Thrills and Warm Chills. Volume 2 will be guest curated by British film magazine Little White Lies and dedicated to forgotten works of American independent cinema, including Night Tide, starring Dennis Hopper. 

byNWR has come to life thanks to close collaboration between Refn and London-based agency Bureau, with Harvard Film Archive aiding with film restoration, Milan Records with music production, alongside online streaming platform MUBI. MUBI members, in fact, will have exclusive early access to the restored films. 

There will also be special screenings of the featured films all around the globe. is set to launch in February 2018.

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